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Rank 4 Mission Page, Jeuno

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Rank 4 Mission Page, Jeuno
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Missions 4+

This is a VERY VERY long mission and may need an alliance! This mission will more then 8+ hours, more if you fight alot.


Head to Ru'Lude Gardens and talk to your Ambassador. He will then give you a key item to obtain an audience with the Archduke of Jeuno. After the cutscene, you need to obtain key items to gain access to the strongholds of the beastmen.

Take the letter the Duke gave you and present it to Aldo of the Tenshodo inside Neptune's Spire in Lower Jeuno. If you are not a member of the Tenshodo you must become one before you can continue this mission. Either complete the quest for membership or buy a scroll from the Auction House. After a cutscene you will gain "Key Item: Silver Bell" as one of the three for access to the Magicite in Beadeaux. Then, talk to Sattal-Mansa and he will tell you to bring him a Quadav Charm and a Quadav Augery Shell so that he can give you the last two key items needed for Beadeaux -- the "Key Item: Coruscant Rosary" and "Key Item: Black Matinee Necklace".

Now, either fight Coeurls in Meriphataud Mountains for Coeurl Meat or buy a piece from the Auction House. Head to Upper Jeuno and talk to Baudin, who is next to a house across from the Chocobo Stables. Once the cutscene is over, trade him the meat and you will receive "Key Item: Davoi Charm".

Finally, just walk between the Armor and Weapon shops and talk to Paya-Sabya. After the cutscene, head to "Muckvix's Junk Store" in Lower Jeuno and talk to Muckvix in the back room. After a cutscene, you will receive "Key Item: Yagudo Torch."

Now, it's time to head out.


This one is quick and simple, but you may have to fight an Orcish Trooper or Gladiator at the Wall of Dark Arts. Once you enter Davoi, turn right, take top route to G-7, go to southern most point. You'll see the Wall of Dark Arts immediately. "Activate" the wall, pass through, and enter Monastic Cavern. There's nothing in here, so just follow this to the hollowed out bone wall, "activate" the Magicite, and watch the cutscene. Once everyone is done with that and received "Magicite: Optistone," warp back to Jeuno.

------------Castle Oztrajo------------

Castle Oztrajo will either be the longest or second longest task of the mission, because even to level 40+ everything will aggro halfway through, and they're in groups of three and four.

When you enter the castle, head to the door at (I-8). Have *EVERYONE* stand back and away from the doory. Send the Black Mage to test the levers, as if he triggers the trapdoor he can just escape and come back. The levers are different for every alliance, so just have one member try them. If the Black Mage is successful, then let him trigger the lever and have everyone else run inside the door.

Once inside, head to the right and up the stairs. You come to an intersection at (I-8) and need to head right. Follow this all the way straight and don't take the right turn at (I-7). Follow this until you come to another intersection, which is also on the second floor of the castle. DO NOT DROP DOWN, as you CAN fall. If you do, you have to start this all over again. Stay near the edge of the walls, and take the tunnel at (G-8), which will eventually lead you to an outside court at (G-7).

Again, you will be on an overpass and DON'T FALL DOWN. Go right and take the tunnel at (I-7). Once you enter the tunnel it's pretty straightfoward. Head up the stairs, then down, and follow them until you reach an intersection. You're now heading into the lower depths of Castle Oztrajo, where Yagudo Lutenists, Priors, Zealots, and Conquistadors are here, plentiful, and in groups of 2 - 4. If you're in an alliance of 35+ or even 40+, you will have to fight, so prepare yourselves. We actually had *2* alliances go through this and didn't have too much trouble, but these Yagudo have *NASTY* AoE attacks that hit *HARD*.

Once you reach the intersection at (H-8), head right. Follow this through the bend, and go straight, ignoring the left turn at (G-9), and ignoring the left turn again at (G-9) when you follow the bend (if you look at the map, you'll see it's just a loop anyway). Follow this straight and you'll eventually come to the torch door -- this is what your "Ket item: Yagudo Torch" is for. "Activate" one of the two torches and wait for all members to appear on the other side.

Kill the few Yagudo here, and head right at the intersection at (H-10). Open the door, and enter the Altar Room. There's nothing in here, so just follow this to the hollowed out bone wall, "activate" the Magicite, and watch the cutscene. Once everyone is done with that and received "Magicite: Orustone," warp back to Jeuno.


This part of the mission is actually easy to complete, but you have to make two trips. The first trip deals with killing the two named Quadav (They're not NM) and getting enough drops for everyone. This can be either quick, or time consuming, depending on the size of the alliance. We just ignored the first Quadav we needed, and decided to head up on top. I believe this is best, because you'll get a jump on any other parties needing the items as well.

Enter Beadeaux, go straight, and head left at the intersection at (F-7). Follow the bed and go straight, ignoring the open area to the right. Follow the bend and head sound into the tunnel at (H-7). The Land Pugils aggro here, so you may need to kill them for anyone in the the 30s. The Quadav, however, are......welll..........stupid. Most of the time you can literally walk in front of their faces and they won't even notice you. Don't tempt fate if you're alliance has a lot of 30s though.

Once in the tunnel, follow the winding path down until you reach an intersection at (H-7). *LEFT* is the way to the Qulun Dome, and the Magicite. However, you only have one of the three key items needed to open the door, so we need to go *Right*. Follow this path until you come to an intersection, and head right at (G-7), for left is "The Afflictor," which will *curse* you. You have to be silenced by "The Muter" to not be cursed when walking past "The Afflictor." You'll see "The Muter" and you need to click on it and *activate* it to become muted. Now, here's what we did.

We had a White Mage that had Silena and Cursna, so she didn't get muted, but had everyone else do so. They went ahead and killed all the Quadav in the room of "The Afflictor" at (G-8), while she just allowed herself to be cursed. She uncursed herself, and cast Silena on the other mages. We let her rest up, and just went on with our business.

Once past the machines, follow the tunnel and ignore the right turn at (F-7) and follow the tunnel out into the above. Follow the tunnel until you come to another "The Muter" machine. Now, here's how you get onto the top platform and avoid the machines. You need to go *clockwise* around this entire area. On other words you need to go from (F-9) east, then southeast to (H-9). Go from here southwest to (H-10), then west and then southwest to (F-10) (the afflicter machines should be *out* of your vision or *north* of you), and finally go west and then north to (E-10) to the little incline leading up onto the above ledges.

NOW! You need to follow the southern ridge of this (DON'T FALL OFF!) until you get to (J-9). There will be a little doorway pass with some torches nearby. This is where De'Vyu Headhunter spawns, and depending on your alliance you may have to fight him numerous times. He usually drops 3 Quadav Charms, but since we had two alliances he did drop 2 and then 4 once. However, 3 seems to be the median. His respawn time seems to be just about 15 minutes even, as we timed it when we had to kill him 8 times.

After every person has a charm, let's head back north to the starting area, but STAY ON THE LEDGE. You need to follow the ridge again until you get to (F-6), which is right by the entrance. At (F-6), near the two huts on the ledge, is where Go'Bhu Gascon will spawn. He drops the Quadav Augery Shell, the last of the two items needed, and like De'Vyu Headhunter he drops a median of 3 shells per fight. His respawn time seems to be just about 15 minutes as well.

Once everyone has a Quadav Charm *AND* a Quadav Augery Shell, head back to Jeuno. Enter the Neptune's Spire again and trade the items *ONE at a time* to Sattal-Mansa. For some reason, if you trade him both at the same time (this happened to one of our members), he gives you the key item for the first item put in. He also takes the second item, but doesn't give you credit for it, so you'll have to go *BACK* to fight one of the two named Quadav to get another one.

After everyone has their two key items, head back to Beadeaux. Head to the the Qulun Dome as mentioned above. There's nothing in here, so just follow this to the hollowed out bone wall, "activate" the Magicite, and watch the cutscene. Once everyone is done with that and received "Magicite: Aurastone," warp back to Jeuno.


Head back to the Archduke and a cutscene will play. He will give you your airship pass! Then, head to your embassy and talk to the person behind the counter. You will then be recognized as having achieved Rank 5 and will be awarded 10,000gil as well! The assistant to the ambassador will then order you home.

If you already have an airship pass (for whatever reason), the Duke will give you an additional 20,000 gil, that's in addition to the 10,000 gil you receive from the embassy.

This Mission is Not Skippable

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