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San d'oria Missions

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Rule Number 1, you can trade crystals to your town guards @ the gates of town for more rank points to gain a new mission not available before, this is important cause some missions can be skipped so its nice to know, also allows missions not allowed yet to be opened.

San d'Oria-
1-1 Smash the orcish scouts
Very simple, talk to the royal knight, and accept the quest, in the event of defeating a orcish fodder at a low level (Lv 5 Recommended not hard) you'll claim a Orcish Axe yey =D then trade it to that guard and vala completed

1-2 Bat hunt
really a bit of a darn pain... accept the quest. go to King Ranpirres tomb and travel to the grave stone passed the small tunnel, you'll recieve a cut sceene with Rochefogne you kno... that stupid guy who has my character model... yeah him, well he'll go blah blah blah n stuff, then you kill ding bats until you claim orcish scales, thats proof that orcs have been to the tomb therefore bring the scales back to the guard to get completed

1-3 Save the children
theres a child captured by Fodderchief flayer, and some buddies not overly hard, Lv 15 solo, but if you're smart ull use our forums for help if needed =), anywho you talk to the gaurd then you talk to Arnau @  Cathedral and he'll tell ya he needs this child back then travel to Ghelsba and the small hut open the door and enter for Fodderchief kill him and open the door, Trion will be like Gjob! and then talk to the royal guard for Rank 2
2-1 The Rescue Drill
Accept the mission, then travel on out to La Theine Plateau, and go head inside Ordelle's cave, and stick lef tuntil u see a small patch of water, in ice, then a elvaan soldier talk to that guy and he'll ask for his weapon, "Bronze sword" talk to all the people outside and eventually you'll claim it. then hurry back to give it to him, and talk to the royal guard in sandoria for mission complete
2-2 The Davoi Report
Accept the mission, and you might need to go to Trions Chambres in Chat''O, then he'll send you to Davoi, Go to Davoi talk to the elvaan hiding behind a tree like as soon as you enter talk to the guy, and he'll say he lost the report, and enter a little bit more, and you'll see a small pond on the other side is a ! marker, thats that report go get it without death talk to the guy and head on back to sandoria for mission complete
2-3 Journey Aboard AKA the Dragon mission

Journey to Windurst First
Bring an offering (a shield) from Heavens Tower in Windurst to the Yagudo treasure room in Giddeus. To uphold the honor of San d'Oria, claim two of the same shields from the Yagudo on your return.
Journey to Bastok
Reports indicate that the Quadav who inhabit the deepest levels of Palborough Mines are up to something. An official named Pius will instruct you further.

next is

Journey to Bastok First
Survey Bastokan mining technology, and bring some mythril sand out of Palborough Mines. An official named Pius will instruct you further.

Journey to Windurst
Oust the giant monster that dwells deep inside the Yagudo realm of Giddeus. 
I support this one, its easiest its best, quickest and i know from experince do this one...

3-1 Infiltrate Davoi
Extra Rank Points are required to accept this mission; turning in one more stack of crystals allows activation.
  1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter for a cut-scene to start the mission.
  2. Go to the Chateau d'Oraguille and up to H-7 to the Prince Royal's Rm door; select it for a cut-scene.
  3. Go to Davoi for a cut-scene upon zoning in.
  4. Go to H-7 and find to Quemaricond, who runs back and forth in that area. Talk to him for the Royal Knights' Davoi Report key item; you may need to talk to him twice to receive it.
Return to San d'Oria, and to the Chateau d'Oraguille; select the Prince Royal's Rm door again for a cut-scene that ends the mission.

3-2, Crystal Bass, Skipable just skip it seriously trade in like 4 stacks of earth crystals

All you do it get a fish (high lv fishing rare on AH) to complete mission so skip it, next...

3-3 Appointment to jeuno...

  1. Talk to a San d'Oria Mission Starter for a cut-scene to start the mission.
  2. Go to the Chateau d'Oraguille and talk to Halver, then move forward to the Great Hall door and select it for a cutscene, where you receive the key item Letter to the Ambassador. After this, you can optionally talk to Halver for more instructions, where he tells you to go to Jeuno.
  3. Go to Jeuno and head to the San d'Orian Embassy, at G-9 in the lower level of the Ru'Lude Gardens. Talk to Nelcabrit there for a cut-scene.
  4. [Optional Step]: If you already have a Delkfutt Key, you can skip steps 5 and 6. Instead, go through Delkfutt's Lower Tower to E-8, and trade the Delkfutt Key to the Cermet Door there. You will not lose the key, and will be put on a long path with a stairway. Follow that all the way out into the main open area; you are now ready for step 7.
  5. Go to Delkfutt's Lower Tower and proceed to the top. This involves zoning up through Delkfutt's Middle Tower and Delkfutt's Upper Tower; follow the maps of those zones here on the site to get through them. After clearing the nearby Gigas to avoid links, defeat Porphyrion at H-8 for the Delkfutt Key. Six copies of the Delkfutt Key are always dropped from Porphyrion, so this only needs to be done once for each group on the mission.
  6. Trade the Delkfutt Key to the Elevator at H-8 for a cut-scene that puts you in a long, winding stairway. Take the stairway down; you'll zone twice, then come out on a walkway that ends in a Cermet Door. Open the door, which will exit you into the basement of Delkfutt's Lower Tower.
  7. In the basement of Delkfutt's Lower Tower, go to the hallway at L-8 and follow it to where it ends in a Cermet Door. Trade the Delkfutt Key to the door for a cut-scene.
  8. Return to Jeuno, to the San d'Orian Embassy in Ru'Lude Gardens. Go through the first San d'Orian Emb. door in the side of the room, and then select the second door in the hallway for a cut-scene that ends the mission, which provides Rank 4 and 5000 gil.

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