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Alchemy!  *BOOM!* O_o

0-6 tsurara- water, rocksalt, distilled water

6-9 deodorizer- wind, olive oil, chamomile, sage

9-12 mercury- lightning, 4 cobalt jellyfish (guild camp item)

12-14 poison dust- lighting, 2 yellow globe fish

14-18 poison potion- water, mercury, poison dust

18-20 echo drops- water, sage, honey, distilled

20-30 silent oil- water, 2 beeswax, slime oil (1st big loss synth if u dont farm)

30-33 potion- water, lizard tail, distilled water, sage

33-43 vitriol- water, 2 treant bulbs

43-51 holy water- light, distilled water (good profit if u farm crystals)

51-55 sleeping potion- water, poison flour, chamomile, sleepshroom (camp the gob stewing the cauldron in low jueno store.)

55-60 hi-potion- water, malboro vine, 2 sage, distilled water

60-62 venom dust- lightning, 2 ogre eels

62-65 sleep bolt heads- bronze ingot, animal glue, sleeping potion (smith 14 required if u dont want a lot of breaks)

65-68 venom potion- water, mercury, venom dust

68-70 hi-ether- water, bat wingx4, dried marjoramX2, dryad root, distilled water

70-72 paralysis dust- several recipes i used lightning, 3 eyed fish

72-78 paralysis potion- water, paralysis dust, mercury

78-84 ouka ranman- earth, firesand, amaryllis, bast parchmentX2

84-89 composite fishing rod- fire, carbon fiberX3, glass fiberX2, cermetX2

89-93 icarus wing- wind, giant bird featherX6 (not plume), beeswaxX2

93-100 pro-ether- water, ahriman wingX2, treant bulb, dried marjoramX3, distilled water, wyvern wing.