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Woodworking Yey!

0-2: Arrowwood Lumber - Wind Crystal + Arrowwood Log
Note: Keep these logs, you will be using them in later synths.

2-5: Maple Lumber - Wind Crystal + Maple Log
Note: Keep these to make maple tables or AH them.

5-8: Ash Lumber – Wind Crystal + Ash Log
Note: Save these for Arrow synths later.

8-10: Willow Lumber – Wind Crystal + Willow Log
Note: Again, save the lumber. If the Woodworking guild runs out of logs, head to the Tanner's Guild in South San d’Oria and pick up some more.

10-12: Willow Lumber – Wind Crystal + Willow Log
Note: Get two more levels out of them here before you move on.

12-14: Willow Wand – Wind Crystal + Willow Lumber + Insect Wing
Note: This should eat up all the lumber you made, sell these to NPC as they AH slowly.

14-20: Maple Sugar – Lightning Crystal + Maple Log
Note: Cutting  your own logs in Ghelsba outpost is a good idea, cause you'll get alot of it, other wise get it @ the guild 

20-22: Yew Lumber – Wind Crystal + Yew Log
Note: This will be a bridge synth to make the following recipe.

22-23: Yew Wand – Wind Crystal + Yew Lumber + Yagudo Feather
Note: Feathers are dirt cheap in the Windy AH and a bit more expensive in Sandy. These wands sell slightly better than Willow, but not by much. AH them if you're patient, otherwise NPC and move on.

23-30: Silver Arrows – Earth Crystal + Ash Lumber + Yagudo Fletching + Silver Arrowhead
Note: Fletchings and Arrowheads are normally plentiful in the Sandy AH. This is another fairly large gap with little else cheap to bridge so keep at these. Make them into quivers and AH them in Jeuno, they're fairly fast sellers.

30-31: Book Holder – Earth Crystal + Holly Lumber + Lauan Lumber
Note: Bridge synth, sell to NPC.

31-38: Beetle Arrows – Earth Crystal + Arrowwood Lumber + Beetle Arrowhead + Chocobo Fletching
Note: Lumberjack the logs if you can, otherwise buy them and everything else from the AH. Quiver these as well and sell them in Jeuno.

38-40: Fang Arrows – Earth Crystal + Arrowwood Lumber + Fang Arrowhead + Yagudo Fletching
Note: These do not quiver

40-42: Fang Arrows – Earth Crystal + Arrowwood Lumber + Fang Arrowhead + Yagudo Fletching
Note: Get another couple levels out of them.

42-44: Flower Stand – Earth Crystal + Yew Lumber + Lauan Lumber
Note: Bridge synth, NPC them for a fairly big loss or skip directly to the next synth.

44-49: Horn Arrows – Earth Crystal + Arrowwood Lumber + Horn Arrowhead + Bird Fletching
Note: You should make good money on these. Quiver them and sell to Jeuno.

49-59: Scorpion Arrows – Earth Crystal + Arrowwood Lumber + Scorpion Arrowhead + Insect Fletching
Note: probably ended up making 50-60 stacks of arrows to get this far. Keep your synth support up, and don't get discouraged by the massive fail rate early. You'll start off with .2 and .3 skillgain and it all evens out in the end. These don’t quiver but they sell incredibly quickly.

59-62: Darksteel Bolts – Earth Crystal + Yew Lumber + Darksteel Bolt Head
Note: I suggest you Lumberjack the Yew and quiver the results. They sell for a nice profit.

59-62: Tarutaru Fishing Rod – Light Crystal + Broken Taru Rod
Note: Take a bunch of rods and your choice of big fish bait to the ferry. Fish off the stairs, and repair the rods as they break. Repeat until you're out of rods/crystals.

62-68: Bodkin – Earth Crystal + Arrowwood Lumber + Armored Arrowhead + Black Chocobo Fletching
Note: Much better than Demon Arrows, Bodkins may actually profit on your server, depending on availability.

68-73: Clothespole – Light Crystal + Broken Clothespole
Note: See Tarutaru rods above for how to break. I suggest breaking all the rods you have and going back to the guild for support on these until about 70.

68-72: Tarutaru Folding Screen – Earth Crystal + 3x Rattan Lumber + 3x Parchment
Note: To be honest, I used the Fishing path, so this is all hypothetical from this point forward - this seems like the cheapest available synth at that level.

73-80: Lu Shang's Fishing Rod – Light Crystal + Broken Lu Rod
Note: Again, see above, but be especially careful here. If you zone during the synth, if you are damaged by anything, or if you get a spell cast on you during the beginning of the synth you will lose the rod! Otherwise, you can't lose the broken rod from a failed synth. Be sure you know how much time you have until the ferry docks, keep away from Sea Horror and other mobs and try not to synth it when pirates attack any AoE can wreck your rod.

72-77: Commode – Earth Crystal + 5x Rosewood Lumber
Note: With Rusty Fishing in the toilet, these sell for a lot less than they used to. Save 1 for your guild test and make a bit back on them if you can in the AH.

77-81: Battle Fork – Earth Crystal + Ash Lumber + Trident
Note: It's either this, or Cabinets.

80-83: Mithran Fishing Rod – Light Crystal + Broken Mithran Rod
Note: Like before take these to the ferry and break them. Use meatballs for best results.

81-86: Eremite’s Wand – Earth Crystal + Willow Lumber + Hermit’s Wand
Note: This is a great alternative to doing the Mithran route but finding Hermit’s Wands can be a pain. Check the AH often and don’t plan to powerlevel through here.

83-87: Mithran Fishing Rod – Wind Crystal + Rattan Lumber + Rainbow Thread
Note: This will cost quite a bit per synth but at minimal loss depending on your server. This may even bring in a profit.

87-91: Kabura Arrows – Earth Crystal + Bamboo Stick + Kari Arrowhead + Giant Bird Fletching + Ram Horn

91-92: Divine Lumber – Wind Crystal + Divine Log
Note: If you can get a level out of these you might as well.

91-94: Eight Sided Pole – Earth Crystal + 2x Walnut Lumber + Mythril Ingot
Note: Pretty cheap synth compared to the rest of the stuff in this range but it REQUIRES Lv31 Smithing. Best get smithing up before coming here.

94-96: Lqr. Tree Sap – Water Crystal + Lacquer Tree Log
Note: This is option 1 of this level range, do the one that will suffer the least loss on your server.

94-97: Divine Sap – Water Crystal + Divine Log
Note: Like above this is option 2.

94-98: Royal Bookshelf – Earth Crystal + Brass Ingot + 3x Mahogany Lumber + 2x Ebony Lumber + 2x Lqr. Tree Lumber
Note: Option 3, you may want to combine all three or just do one, its up to you.

96-99: Lancewood Lumber – Wind Crystal + Lancewood Log
Note: Depending if you did Royal Bookshelf this may just be a simple bridge synth for you.

99-100: Iron Splitter – Wind Crystal + 2x Walnut Lumber + Adaman Ingot
Note: Can you say expensive? If you get past this then congratulations you have done it!

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